Cabs in London

Cabs in London are perhaps famous for being big, black and funny shaped but that does not necessarily mean that they are easier to catch than the taxis operating in any of the other major cities in the world, just that they look different. This means that just like in any other city, when a city resident, someone visiting on business or even anyone just on vacation, wants a taxi at certain time, they book one. In London, to allow those people to do just that, Ealing taxis, based in London, offer a taxi booking service by phone or online, to not just a large area of London but also to and from London’s three airports, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted. Not only does this taxi company offer the opportunity to ensure that you will get picked up on time but they will also give you, at time of booking, a quote for the fare, allowing you to more easily budget your day or night out. Often people arriving at airports have booked taxis in advance of their arrival but due to being delayed by immigration, customs or security, they have found that their taxi did not wait. Using their experience to avoid this from happening to you when you book Ealing taxis, when the booking is made for a pick up from one of the three airports, an automatic 45 minute waiting time will be added to the quote provided by ealing cabs. Not only does this ensure that your taxi is there on time to meet you but it also ensures that the driver will wait for you even if you do experience a slight delay. Many visitors to London do want to be driven in one of its famous black taxis and to cater to that, Ealing taxis can provide one if requested but also offer other types of vehicles as well. For 4 passengers with limited baggage there are saloons and executive saloons is extra luxury is wanted. Estate cars can also be offered to 4 passengers, if they have extra baggage or MPVs and executive MPVs can be offered where there are more than 4 people to be picked up. If the number of passengers requires it, a mini bus can also be offered, perhaps avoiding the need for two cars.

In many of the world’s larger cities, visitors are worried about being picked up in an unofficial taxi and being dropped off, after paying an excessive fare, nowhere near where they intended to be an although this may not be a common occurrence in London, peace of mind can be attained by knowing that all of the Ealing taxi drivers are locals and properly qualified and all their vehicles are properly licenced and insured to carry fare paying passengers. The only time that a driver should ask for more money than you were quoted, is if you requested that they made a detour or took a longer route than the shortest possible or of course, you requested a delay for some reason.