Engine Hoist Guide: A Buyer’s Guide For DIY Guys

You may want to think that looking out for an engine hoist is an easy task, at least during your first time. However, you may soon find out that this can be something hard to do for a DIY guy like you especially when you want to end up with the best one. The truth is that finding the best one in the crowd of competing engine hoists can be somewhat confusing and stressful at the same time. This is especially true when all the hoists that you see claim to be the best among the others. Here is an engine hoist guide that will help you pick the one that truly suits the kind of job most DIY guys do.

The Various Types of Engine Hoist

You may be surprised to see that there are certain types of an engine hoist and these include the following:

The Foldable Engine Hoist

This is considered as the most common design for an engine hoist. It usually comes with an arm or a boom which is usually used to extent to the engine bay. With the aid of a hydraulic shock, the hoist’s entire height is easily adjusted, mimicking the mechanism of a vehicle jack. This type of hoist is commonly mounted on a caster especially when the car engine needs to be pulled away or if you want to move it a storage position.

Telescoping Engine Hoist

This is not a common type of engine hoist for at-home or DIY mechanics because of its size and expensive price. However if you have the money to buy one, you will be delighted to see a good number of benefits it can to you. It usually comes with an overhead i-beam design and is usually mounted to a steel post, allowing you to lift heavy loads in the process. It comes with a crane that can be easily adjusted with the use of a crank for easy lifting and lowering of load. There some that can be mounted on a roiling castor while others can be installed into the floor of your garage.

Lever Chain Engine Hoist

Engine Hoist guide In terms of capacity, this is considered as the least expensive type of an engine hoist. However, you need to take note that this can be an impractical choice for your garage. It comes with a heavy duty chain that can lift and suspend an engine into the air. The thing here is that this should be mounted into something that has the ability to hold the weight the hoist lifts. And a normal garage does not usually have mounting points. You should also take note that a lever chain hoist also comers with other names and these include the following: shop lift/shop crane, crane/engine crane, engine lift, cherry picker and engine hoist.

Looking for the best type of engine hoist can be somewhat confusing but by simply determining the various types of engine hoists, you will surely find the one you exactly need. For more engine hoist guide and information, visit Engine Hoist today!