Insuring HGV trucks

We probably all know that in order to drive a car legally on the roads, we must have insurance for that car. The law requires that we must have a minimum of third party insurance but many people opt to pay more and have comprehensive insurance. The difference between the two is that although third party insurance will pay for damages and in juries to any third parties that were caught up in an accident, they will not pay the owner of the insurance anything. Comprehensive insurance costs more because as well as paying those third parties, it will also pay for any damages or injuries the insurance owner may h require. What so many people may not know is that these are the same options that owners of two wheel motorized vehicles have. Obviously a bicycle could be classed as a two wheel bicycle but as it is manually propelled, no insurance is necessary in order to legally ride it. A moped can use pedal power or a small engine but as that engine will only propel the vehicle at about the same speed a bicycle goes, no insurance is usually required by law for that. The larger scooters, motorcycles and cars do have to have insurance, either third party or comprehensive. When it comes to insuring HGV trucks, some owners take out ultimate hgv insurance in case they do get in an accident. As most people are not as familiar with insurance for twelve wheeled vehicles, many truck and lorrie owners opt to use an insurance broker to get their insurance from. These people could of course also get their insurance from an insurance agent but if they did, they probably would not give them as many options as a broker could. The difference between a broker and an agent is that the agent works or an insurance company and the broker does not. This means that when an agent presents you with some options, those options will all be from one company, the agent’s insurance company. A broker is not employed by any insurance company and so when they show you offers, those offers could be from any insurance company, meaning you get a wider choice to choose from. Whether we need to have insurance or not or in the case of a moped, choose to have insurance or not, we will want to ensure that we choose the right one for our particular needs and thereby pay no more than we need to. By having a wider range to choose from by consulting an insurance broker rather an insurance agent, we should be able to find a policy which is ideal for our needs and does not cost more than is necessary. Insurance is always a good thing as most of us, if caught in an accident, would not have the amount of money it would take to pay for all the damages caused.