Trouble Starting Your Car?

If you have trouble starting your car, it may be a problem with your alternator but more than likely it is trouble with your battery. It is the battery that starts your car and it starts it by using the current that is stored within it. Having used up current to start your car, power from the running engine is then transferred back to the battery via the alternator and so if your alternator isn’t working, your battery will not recharge, leaving it flat the next time you want to start the car. An alternator though, is generally expected to last longer than a battery and so the problem could lay with the battery itself. The battery could have run out of charge because once you turned the engine off, you left on some of the electrical devices on the car, often the lights. This means that the battery would have been using its charge to keep the lights on but, because the engine wasn’t running, the alternator could not recharge it. This problem is easily solved by either placing the battery on a charger or getting a jump start and allowing the alternator to recharge the battery, then of course, trying to remember to turn off the lights next time you stop the engine. If you did not leave the lights or any other device turned on and your alternator is working correctly, the problem could be that your battery is getting old. Some batteries need regular maintenance and if they do, not getting that maintenance will shorten the battery’s life but even with the correct maintenance or batteries that need no maintenance, batteries only last for a couple of years or so and then start to become less efficient. As they become less efficient, they hold less charge possibly not enough to start your car but still enough to allow you to operate the electrics in the car. As the battery gets even older it may even stop accepting recharge which means that shortly after that, it won’t even be able to allow you to use any of your electrics.

Obviously even if your battery has only started to become weaker, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of your car failing to start, you need to buy a replacement battery. Some of the top Car Batteries UK can be bought online and the online retailer will be able to assist you in selecting the correct battery for your car as it should be of a size that will fit nicely into the battery compartment and have sufficient current to start whatever the size of your engine is in the car. The retailer should also be able to advise you as to how replace the battery yourself and, dependent on which brand of battery you choose, also be able to advise you as to what maintenance, if any, is required for the battery to last to its maximum life expectancy, avoiding having to replace it prematurely.